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Internet Cafes

Rico`s coffee Shop

28 Viersen Platz, Peterborough PE1 1EL, UK – 01733 891791

Just went there to give my CV in for work and before I did that, I looked around the shop and it was not a joke for the shop to exist like this because the place itself is very beautiful and stylish like an Italian coffee shop. I love the coffee shops style because the decor and the ambience fits very well. The staff aren't that bad because I handed my CV in which isn't complete and the employee himself at the till isn't rude or disrespectful, he just talks to you in a calm and friendly manner so I love that a lot. It reminds me back in my work experience in Luton that I did in college. One thing that surprises me is that even elderly people come here because of how peaceful the shop is and I just cannot deny it. They aren't that all bad since I've walked in so a huge thumbs up for that. Overall, the shop is really beautiful and I recommend it to anyone who loves fresh coffee because they serve that here. You deserve my 5 stars on this place. I don't mind the doors at all because that's not a problem.

A pleasant cafe with excellent value prices. There is a broad selection of sandwiches, baguettes, toasties, jacket potatoes, salads, burgers, all day breakfasts, soups, specials and more. A wide range of hot and cold drinks are also offered. Staff are friendly and the service is very good. Food is very good for the cost and everywhere was clean.